Questions and answers pertaining to this website and all Yeti-Bots products.

Will I get banned for using Yeti-Bots products?

As with all third-party botting software, there's always a risk of becoming permanently banned. However, this risk is negligible as all of our software operates completely independent of the game and out of the scope of Warden. This is achieved by never injecting or writing anything into the memory of the game. In cases where explicitly stated, memory is written to in a safe and secure manner.

Do Yeti-Bots products modify my system?

No, Yeti-Bots products do not modify anything on your system. There are no registry changes and no installation procedures. Any files created by Yeti-Bots software will reside in the same directory as the executable. To uninstall a Yeti-Bots application, simply delete the executable and any files it might have created.

What are the system requirements for Yeti-Bots products?

Yeti-Bots products have been tested on fully-patched Windows 7 and 8. They will not, however, work on 32-bit systems or Windows Vista and below. Yeti-Bots products will only work with the latest live version of the game with potential support for PTR's and Beta's coming in the future. Additionally, to minimize on potential anomalies, please ensure that your computer can handle the games at a decent framerate.

Will Yeti-Bots products infect my system or hack my account?

No, we have absolutely zero interest in infecting your system or hacking your account. Our goal for this project is to develop the best software possible so that you can enjoy your games even more.

Why do virus scans detect Yeti-Bots products as keyloggers?

In order to improve user experience we use API's that tell us which keys are being pressed while the Yeti-Bots application is not in focus. We want to make it clear that the keys you press are never being recorded or transmitted. As you type keys we check if that key matches an action we have bound. For instance in Wild-Catch you can start and stop the application by pressing the F12 key, even if Wild-Catch is not in focus. This allows Wild-Catch to be an asset when manually fishing in pools as you never have to leave the game in order to start and stop automated fishing. You can always opt-out of this feature by launching Yeti-Bots products with the "-nohook" command-line option, please note that doing this will prevent certain features from working.

Why do Yeti-Bots products require an internet connection?

When Yeti-Bots products are launched they connect to our server to check for updates and retrieve the latest offsets for the game. Furthermore, in emergency situations, we can manually disable the Yeti-Bots software and prevent it from being launched. In the future this system will also be used to check your Yeti-Bots license when we begin rolling out a paid version of our applications.

In addition to contacting our own server we also contact the Google-Analytics server every couple of minutes in order to track the usage of our applications, just as websites you visit every day do. We differentiate users using their MAC address. No other identifying information is being collected or sent.

Why do I get an error message when selecting the game?

If the game has recently been updated or you are attempting to select an outdated version of the game you will get an "Unsupported Game Version" error message. You will also get this message if you have renamed the games executable. To fix this, make sure you are using the current live version of the game and that the games executable has not been renamed. In cases where the game was recently updated, you will have to wait for us to update the offsets. Once the offsets have been updated, restart the Yeti-Bots application and try selecting the game again.

If the game is running with elevated privileges, you will get an "Insufficient Privileges" error message. To fix this, simply run the Yeti-Bots application as an administrator or restart the game with reduced privileges.

Where can I download the homepage screenshots?

You can download the screenshots from the Yeti-Bots homepage here.


Questions and answers pertaining to Yeti Sonar and all related products.

How does the overlay system work?

The overlay system works by positioning a transparent window overtop of the game and painting on it. This transparent window automatically hides itself when the game is not in focus or the bot is disabled. Overlays can also be disabled using the "-nooverlays" command line.

Why are overlays not working?

If you cannot see overlays, first make sure that your filter settings have overlays enabled. It could be the case that no entities match your filter settings or that you have overlays disabled. If you are certain that all your settings are correct, ensure that your game is running in Windowed or Windowed-Fullscreen mode. Overlays will not work if your game is running in Fullscreen mode.

Why are overlays inaccurate?

Overlays might become inaccurate when the game window becomes stretched. Typically, when you resize the game window, the aspect ratio set in the video settings will be maintained. If you, for example, maximize the window, the game might become stretched, leading to inaccurate overlays. To fix this, try running your game in Windowed or Windowed-Fullscreen mode without maximizing the game window.

Why do overlays drop my FPS?

Since sonar doesn't use DirectX hooks to display overlays, it must rely on a transparent window laid overtop of the game. Unfortunately this type of system can have impacts on in-game performance. In order to mitigate these effects we strongly encourage you to enable composition in Windows. Our testing showed that running with aero disabled or using classic shell can severely impact FPS. Additionally, lowering your games video settings can also improve FPS.

Why does the overlay appear to update faster than the game?

If you have set the graphical quality of the game too high, it might begin to lag. Although this lag might be unnoticeable, when using overlays, the overlays may appear to update faster than the game. To fix this, try lowering the graphical quality of the game in order to increase its performance.

How do I install new filters?

Each filter collection is stored as a single JSON file; in order to be able to use it you must put that file into the "Filters" directory next to the Sonar executable. If there is no "Filters" directory, simply create one.

Wild Catch

Questions and answers pertaining to Yeti Wild-Catch and all related products.

How does background mode work?

When background mode is enabled, instead of simulating keyboard and mouse actions, the bot will instead send keystrokes directly to the game and use memory writing to set the fishing bobber as the current mouse-over target. This is the only way background mode can work. Fortunately, this form of memory writing is relatively safe and very difficult to detect, if at all possible. In order for background mode to work, the "interact with mouse-over" key in the game settings must be set to the key in the Bindings section of the Wild-Catch application.

How does human characteristics work?

When human characteristics are enabled the bot will occasionally ignore bites and recast the rod once or twice. The bot will also occasionally take a break every now and then. This is achieved by leveraging a random number generator to simulate human behavior. The amount of recasts and the length of the break are determined using an exponential distribution. This means that less recasts and shorter breaks are favored and will occur more often. All actions are independent of each other and some are written to occur more than others but two or more actions cannot occur at the same time; they can, however, occur one after the other, at any time in the bots state.